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Now I have looked at the practical parts of the Market and decided what they are really all about I am now going to start looking at how design can come into my work. 

Originally Markets were designed to be situated surrounded by a strong working structure, be it offices or mills round and about. Unfortunately less & less people are working or conducting there business in around a town centre anymore because it can be too expensive to do so. This has taken trade away from areas such as markets so designing a market right is definitely more import than it may of been many years ago. 

Design comes in everywhere, what you sell wether you have designed and made it your self or you are designing a life style that you will try and sell to people.

How do you display your products? it all comes down to how it is displayed and where. What emotion can you create within some one when they look at a stall.

Unorganised and dirty is a complete no no !

Colourful products, organised areas and easy accessible.   

Leather Lane



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Smells & music its that ambience. 

Leather Lane Market started up in an area that was struggling. A lot of  immigrants gathered together especially the Italians & the Jews and created there own little world.   This proved that if you were willing to work hard and have the passion then you could make some money too enable you to live. When people are found in that position, finding life a struggle, markets have seemed to be alive line. They brought new product & trends into the market. 

Foot flow!! Because there is so much diversity & choice here within the market and not forgetting that underlaying current of family loyalty & value that runs through it, this has always contributed to the foot flow & business that will happen. 

The stall holders are a family so just within the traders them selves you can have a good potential customer base right there. The market was always based on community so it was the heart of the town. 

Portobello Road



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The ‘Bello’ of the market

4 Peaches for a Pound £

Most markets are steeped in history. A market feels like it is a foundation. It resembles the soil that can grow anything wether it be a food product or a new designer brand.

I am beginning to see a ‘Huge Tree’ as a symbol of what a market is all about. A firm structure that has lots of branches leading on to many different Roads & Avenues providing a variety of offerings.

Bursting with entrepreneurs, grafters or even ‘rag a bone’ men.

It is so important having a variety, not everything should be brand new or mass produced. Yes this can still be within a market at a very competitive price but there also needs to be variety of sorts, design, manufacture, price & quality.

Within most communities  there is a need for connection, a need for enlightenment when seeing something for the first time.

This is where I am seeing my conned t emerging finally … I as a creative soul walk around & see everything as a picture, a view, a snap shot. This is what I want to be able to give back to those who don’t experience this naturally.

An exaggerated view, An experience!



Church Street


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I could not of asked for a better website to find about ‘Market Stalls’ in general and to be quite honest It did give me a deeper respect & understanding for this aspect of trading.

Some markets began such as Portman Market by selling g products that would arrive on the boats near by, very convenient but areas got too busy and Markets began to move more towards the town centre areas.

The first impression I got was the ‘Family Oriented’ thread that all through the market place. Stalles & businesses where passed down through generation to the next.

Markets were open much later than than the ones of today. Everyday they would continue trading until 9pm and then on a Saturday it would stay open until as late as 1am so to collar all the men who had frequented the pubs as they were more likely to buy there wares when they left to venture on home.

I am trying to consider a connection to this late trading. After hearing Wayne Hemingway address the issue that the ‘High Street’ & ‘Town Centres’ need a later night appeal, it has got me thinking. Could this be the starting point of what an ‘Old fashioned Market Place Had ?

To a child the market was like an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’. No matter the value of a product it was essentially the variety the place offered. Even the left over wooden orange boxes proved useful to be created into a potential mean machine as a ‘Go Cart’ specimen.

Product varied hugely from the traditional antiques trader to the self taught chief.  With free entertainment too supplied by buskers or the traders them selves, this was the place to be.

Market traders are not your typical sales people. Each one would have in essence there own performance, whatever they were selling weather it be records, sweets, fruit, fish or even TAT!! each trader would entice you to approach there stall and try to secure that sale buy winning your heart with that cheeky, quirky market style sales pitch or even mantra!

At Church Street Market in the 1960’s you saw the ethnic community beginning to come together & see what these markets were all about. It helped them to see a way to create & mould there own businesses. It gave them the opportunity to start, experiment & most importantly bring a new vibe and culture to our market places through food or even specialist pieces brought directly from there home countries.


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