These 4 pictures show the theatrical design of the Trafford Centre in Manchester. It has become the norm to see retail areas such as this. The design of this space will of been meticulously planned inch by inch providing you with an experience no matter what you are doing, from shopping in one of the many retail outlets to enjoying a meal in the food quarter or even just using the wc facilities. Every wall has some form of detail incorporated to follow on the theme through out. The food court is a multifunctional space where you can enjoy a meal but also on occasion they will also feature concerts or celebrations in this central area. This area is designed as the pool area on a ship. having this water area in the centre helps to make the space feel bigger and less cramped when the hall is full. The extremely high ceiling also helps with this as does the ceiling painted as a sky mural.

Although I love the theatrical design of The Trafford Centre It does not give off the vibe I am looking for in my design. When I walk in to the Trafford I feel insignificant, I can disappear within this huge structure. I can get lost amongst the mass of people. Although the design is wonderful the shopping experience is not special.

I want to combine the huge design of this with the special intimate shopping experience of a Market hall. I am wanting to try and make you feel that whatever you buy within the market you will be part of that comunity chain that helps every one along the way. Helping local people work succeed & enjoy. Let us buy off one another. Help one another.



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