I can’t wait to finally catch up and match my writings with my true timeline. I think I’m about 6 (rather large) posts behind where I should be. I am storing them with the up most security as if they were  a precious object in my mind (+ written notes of course). I keep thinking back to key areas such as the ‘Graham & Brown’ presentation and smile uncontrollably re accounting the enjoyment and understanding I got from that one presentation. Yes I know that sounds delusional but I talked about that for days, analysing and reflecting.


Working hard is an essential requirement, it becomes part of your life flow.


Blogging seams an art form with in its self. I’m building a platform at the moment, a foundation to build from. Once the footings are In place I’m hoping to enjoy the creative process.


Im feeling glad I didn’t write my thoughts down Immediately because I would of subsequently just have rambled.

I feel that now days on I can truly reflect on my emotions, immediately after the fact and now.   


I find the experience of being part of a learning environment can be so inspiring, the chance to tap into the most current knowledge available is such an asset. 

As an example I see the progression of multimedia and technology within computer programs that are making things easier to share and incorporate your ideas that can be translated to clients.

At times going from a ‘Student’ to a ‘Professional’ is hard.

I can see though how lucky I am to be able to experience both at once,   


Do we ever stop learning?. 

Just writing every thing down is helping me to reconnect and reflect on my feelings now and at that important moment in my career.

Its amazing how much I have learnt and am still learning.

Knowledge keeps us young, I want to take as much as I can onboard.   

I’ve always struggled to create a true reflection of myself within a professional C.V. Hopefully after completing this Blog I will be able to revisit what I have written and be able to give a complete representation of what I can do and what I am about. 


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The need for knowledge & creativity