I love these images this is exactly how I am seeing my design progressing. I love the huge presence of the strong structure that is the tree. My design will have this running all the way through. Look at these images and imagine stalls scattered around the base of the tree, then follow the vast branches and you will find another type of stall. I especially like the arched walkway where the trees bend over to create this wonder full design. I am thinking that these structures could be quite simple to make in model form at first using either a papier mach technique or mod rock. This can then be rendered to the appropriate style. I am beginning to feel happy at where my design is going I am just hoping that I am able to get this idea over to others. 


These 4 pictures show the theatrical design of the Trafford Centre in Manchester. It has become the norm to see retail areas such as this. The design of this space will of been meticulously planned inch by inch providing you with an experience no matter what you are doing, from shopping in one of the many retail outlets to enjoying a meal in the food quarter or even just using the wc facilities. Every wall has some form of detail incorporated to follow on the theme through out. The food court is a multifunctional space where you can enjoy a meal but also on occasion they will also feature concerts or celebrations in this central area. This area is designed as the pool area on a ship. having this water area in the centre helps to make the space feel bigger and less cramped when the hall is full. The extremely high ceiling also helps with this as does the ceiling painted as a sky mural.

Although I love the theatrical design of The Trafford Centre It does not give off the vibe I am looking for in my design. When I walk in to the Trafford I feel insignificant, I can disappear within this huge structure. I can get lost amongst the mass of people. Although the design is wonderful the shopping experience is not special.

I want to combine the huge design of this with the special intimate shopping experience of a Market hall. I am wanting to try and make you feel that whatever you buy within the market you will be part of that comunity chain that helps every one along the way. Helping local people work succeed & enjoy. Let us buy off one another. Help one another.



Photo taken at Christmas Market 2013

Photo taken at Christmas Market 2013

Photo taken at Christmas Market 2013

Photo taken at Christmas Market 2013


When you walk on to the christmas market there is an atmosphere surrounding you. Yes I know its that christmas thing but I think there is some thing else there too. Its that feeling that you can be anywhere, not just in the centre of Manchester. The selection of different things on offer and the foreign food options all add to the experience. The design is simple yet ingenious. Simple wood structure reinforces that connection to nature. No matter how cold it is outside maybe even snowing (if your lucky) you seem to still feel cosy due to the positioning of the stalls. They are laid out to give the impression of little streets or ally ways. It also has the central hub, the heart of the Christmas Fair. The central stall has no front of rear its open all the way around and unrestricted. The design of this works perfectly. To add to the design and the atmosphere surrounding the stalls they use lighting in the trees, icicles  twinkling and shimmering all around. I love the overall look and feel of this. I will most defiantly be taking inspiration from this space for my own design. 


I am struggling at the moment. I keep re reading through my research keeping in mind my SWOT especially my ‘threats’ and I have come to the conclusion that my research is a little one sided. I have once again taken the creative aspect for granted. Even though I have fully researched and visited many times places such as the Trafford Centre, Christmas Market and areas using set design techniques but I have not documented this therefore feel that this is the next thing that needs to be done so to back up my idea.


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 14.12.11

This is a floor plan of the whole market hall showing the placing of the stalls. I have taken this of f the stall Holders application form.


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 14.16.51

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 14.18.24



These pictures are an artists impression of what the Market was going to look like, painted whilst the recent rejuvenation was taking place.

How things seem to change, yet basically stay the same

A lot of the old values that I have researched and analysed throughout my research process have not changed that underlying current of , family, social awareness, produce, engagement is still there and in a lot of ways is working when all parties work with one another. 

Now my challenge is how to make it better without taking away that special some thing. I only want evolve the design, exaggerate it a little … well may be a lot.

Hope fully this will encourage more younger people to visit or even better take part in the market experience by experimenting with new ideas & creations that can bring a whole new vibrancy to the Market. 


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