I’m seeing it emerge finally

20140401-105935 am.jpg

I can continue to work with this may be a model will help

The tree

20140401-105834 am.jpg


I want to create a tree that supports the markets core and each branch will lead off to different avenue of discovery …


20140401-105418 am.jpg

20140401-105549 am.jpg

20140401-105558 am.jpg


Shocking – another definite weakness I see my vision but now I will try and get it out there without embarrassment!

Making the connection

20140401-071412 am.jpg

Mind Map

20140401-071044 am.jpg


Far too structured and engineered not enough creative drive, I must push to come across less structured and more design orientated. I dislike this stange as many do I’m sure. I want to dive in and get making.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.42.40 AM



Hogsmeade at Night.

A very Warm Magical feeling has been achieved within this design. 

A walk down ‘fantasy street’ Im focused once again

on that feeling, the experience surrounding the environment.



The Venetian, a world within a hotel. Bringing the outdoors indoors.

I’m seeing how Im being drawn to very similar formulas.

Effect that creates that ascetic emotion that you would find maybe in a gallery or museum when looking at some art work. 

Im needing to look further into how I can simulate that feeling and connect with the viewer, the public who will encounter my space. 


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